Saturday, October 31, 2015

Candy Corn is Ripe!

There's a joke that goes like this:

How do you know it's Halloween?  

Because the candy corn is ripe!

candy corn soaps - just for my friends, family and me!

Fall Soaps

Candy Corn Decorative Soaps

These soaps smell delicious!  I made them especially for gifts for the people who work and live in the Nursing Home my Mom is in.  Also, my daughter, Camille gave them out to her customers during the past month.  I gave them as gifts to family and friends too.  They were well received and I know I could have sold some!  I made a ton of them and really enjoyed it!  

On to Christmas now and I have some fantastic plans - starting them today!  I hope to sell some of these in my online Etsy  shop -  Come by for a visit or get in touch with me if you would like to order some for your own.