Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Soaping

This is the Facial Soap still in the mold curing until I can cut it tomorrow
We're in the thick of summer here in Eastern North Carolina.  I made soap yesterday, which will be ready to use around the end of September.  I like to cure at least 2 months.

Here are some pictures of the soaps in the molds before cutting.  I made 6 batches.

1.  A really nice Coconut Lime Verbena fragrance from Fragrance Buddy was used to make a sudsy bar in a light green blue color way
2.  Scented with Lavender Vanilla from Crafter's Choice (Wholesale Supplies Plus), the second soap is a layered bar beginning with mint green then a white with speckled pink watermelon and white and mocha colored micas swirled on top.  I had enough to make a few flower shaped cupcake soaps from this batch.
3.  Facial soaps next - a pale pink color - two luxurious batches full of olive oil, coconut oil, lard and palm (for those of you who do not make soap I'm sure the lard part puts you off but it makes fantastic gentle soap!  Remember, the lye saponifies and works magic to create the soap)

This one is scented with Caribbean Escape Fragrance Oil

This one is scented with Caribbean Escape Fragrance

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